Degu 001 - Rubini - Gin Sonic --- 29 Oct 11

Rubini - Gin Sonic (original unreleased mix) (sample cut)

Rubini - Gin Sonic (Naughty remix 1) (sample cut)

Rubini - Gin Sonic (Naughty remix 2) (sample cut)

Degustibus Music discographic debut with the release of Gin Sonic by Rubini, italian artist workin and living between Venice and Berlin. Includes 2 space disco remixes from Berlin-legend DJ Filippo "Naughty" Moscatello. Remix 1 is a dubby-hypno ride with a moroder-like dizzy bassline,
Remix 2 is a perfect example of Naughty's touch: sharp bassline and vintage-synth blended together in a solid old-school disco journey. Already a classic.