Degu 009 - Batongo - El Tercero ep --- 31 May 13

Batongo - Voices (sample cut)

Batongo - Anour (Zumbido mix) (sample cut)


More birds from the Amazon by Batongo... Escucha El Tercero ep!

Prins Thomas: "Both good, liking Anour a lot."
Tim Sweeney: "Batongo! Very nice!"
Erol Alkan: "Thanks"
Kasper Bjorke: "Cool! Thanks!"
Thomas Herb: "Both Voices and Anour are perfect tunes. Each one a weapon for different parts of the night :-) Thank you!!"
Roland Appel: "Voices is dope!!!”"
Discodromo: "Keep it coming :)"
Rodion: "Degustibus rocks ! excellent release, three very playable tracks ! after the smashing fango, this new batongo doesn't disappoint at all."
Axel Boman: "Totally fantastic release! voices is really amazing. and i suspect that anour is a killer on the dancefloor!"
Bottin: "Zupah!"
Kiko Navarro: "Voices es la bomba!!!! really like Batongo!!! Im big fan of