Degu 008 - Batongo - Aguirre Remixes --- 03 May 13

Batongo - Aguirre (Mano Le Tough remix) (sample cut)

Batongo - Aguirre (Rubini Amazon remix) (sample cut)


Deliberately inspired by Herzog's movie and the Popol Vuh 's atmospheres.

Tim Sweeney: "Yes!! Mano Le Tough"
Thomas Herb: "what a great release - so good, wow, i'm speechless....sounds so fresh! Mano Le Tough's mix is superb but for me the one from Denis is the bomb! Killer release...full support!"
Roland Appel: "both mixes are great."
Joris Voorn: "Nice and atmospheric mixes! Both are great."
Fabrizio Mammarella: "Rubini's mix rocks!"
Discodromo: "Great release! The Rubini mix is ace"
Axel Boman: "amazing remixes both :) if i hat to choose a favourite then its the mano le tough one!"
DiskJokke: "wow!"
Kasper Bjorke: "Big fan of Manos work"
Avanti Music: "Amazing!"